Reut Shemesh

Reut Shemesh, an Israeli choreogrpher ,1982. Graduated the Dance Maker cours, Artez Dance academy(2009). The netherlands. Supported by a scholarship from the ARDT. Beforehand she was working and study in the Israeli dance field: "Play" school for performing dance in Tel-Aviv and "the academy for music and dance in Jerusalem". her pieces was presented on several stages, such as: "Gvanim Bmahol" Dance fest. Tel Aviv. "Machol Shalem" Jerusalem ."No ballet" dance competition, Germany. "Move against it", Salzburg. Tanzehouse, Cologne and "Loft Theater", Leipzig. During the last year shemesh was working as a choreogrpher in the framwork of Dance atalier Rotterdam.
Her last piece 'Golden shower' was created for the dance company Nord Nederlands Dance (NND). Currently Shemesh is based in cologne.